Anna and Alex

Young couple from Belgium & Portugal buying a house in Pardubice

Lovely couple from Poland and France buying an apartment in Prague


Anna and Alex, lovely couple seeking for “building” their new home in Prague. Both have had an idea of buying an apartment in Prague but struggling with finding the right property. When putting our heads together we came up with an idea of buying so called “white wall” flat that needs to be finished by the buyers. Found a perfect spot in Holešovice with a high potential from the perspective of the property value. Custom made project for the interior with a professional agency allowed to use their fantasy for 100%.

Specifics of the case:

  • no temporary residency at the start line => we took care of processing the permit
  • requiring finances both for property itself and reconstruction
  • 90% loan => 10% contribution from Alex’s and Anna’s side

What was negotiated:

  • processing the loan within a month => supervising communication and activities of all the parties
  • confirming of the property purchase price by the estimator
  • helping with putting the structure of the budget for the reconstruction to guarantee max possible amount financed by the bank

Few words from the happy new homeowners:

After few years living in Prague we decided to get our own place. Not
speaking Czech or knowing how anything works here does not make things
easier and buying the apartment is stressful enough. Guys at Check to Be
Czech made the process as stressful free for us as it could possibly be.
Any concern or question we had, he was able to answer, and he was very
mindful of us having a busy schedule, trying to make the process as easy as
possible for us.

Ondrej from C2BCZ was with us all the time through the flat visitation, communication
with the owner and the bank. He was able to get us an approval on the
mortagage without Temporary Residency at that time. Communication
throughout the entire process has been excellent and Ondrej was always
there for us.

The cost of the mortgage service is an absolute steal compared to the
amount of work it saves you and the quality of the service.
Thank you C2BCZ and especially Ondrej for helping us to get our own place!

Anna & Alexandre

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