Bank account

“Securing a bank account is the first financial product that each person in the Czech Republic should establish. It is your partner for everyday business, a partner you can trust, and who provides you with quality support. A detailed market analysis will ensure that your finances are entrusted in the right bank.”

There are a lot of very important questions that must be answered prior to opening a bank account; including understanding the purpose of the account, the ratio of domestic and foreign currencies, the online banking options, and the purpose of evaluating the money etc. You will find the answers for all the questions with our experts.

Structure of the market

There are more than 15 banks in the Czech Republic all providing different conditions that must be taken under consideration when making a decision:

  • Types of documents needed to open a bank account
  • Possibility of multi-currency accounts – USD, EUR..
  • Fees for transaction, having the bank account, withdrawing money from ATM etc.
  • Pairing account with savings account
  • Additional products (funds, insurance, loans etc.)
  • Possibility of business account for internationals
  • Online banking and many more

What are the steps

  • Short explanation of the banking system in the Czech Republic
  • Consultation – Account purpose, currency, plans with a future account, etc.
  • Negotiating the conditions and selecting the 3 best options to choose from
  • Creating an account that matches your expectations
  • Opening the account with all the agreed terms
  • Helping verify the account, card, and setting up

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