Bruno is a world traveller who used to live in Russia, Ukraine and other countries before setting up here in the Czech Republic. Once he realized this is the country he wants to settle, he started to think of buying a property but had troubles with finding the right one. When reaching us and verifying the conditions for reaching the mortgage loan, it takes just a month to find the property his heart was seeking for. Considering both as a place to live right now and as an investment property at the same time. Brand new flat inPrague 6 – Dejvice was definitely the right decision to take.

Specifics of the case:

  • No Czech birth number when applying
  • Marginal income for the required loan amount
  • Less than 20% downpayment
  • Not registered property at the cadaster during the property purchase

What was negotiated:

  • The best conditions for the 90% loan on the market
  • Discount of 50,000CZK from the original price
  • Keys handover before being registered as the owner at the cadaster
  • Taking care of finishing works of the technician when handing over the property

Few words from the happy new homeowner:

When I am telling to my friends “I bought a flat” everyone is amazed! “WoW! How did you do, lalala” I am simply replying “I went through a broker, he did everything. It’s even him who found the flat. I have done almost nothing”Ondrej is providing you a service from A to Z, for free, without any pressure. 

Despite the Covid19 and all the movement restrictions (visiting flats, going to the banks, to the cadastre etc.) I managed to buy a studio, without speaking Czech and doing almost nothing. 

So far I do not regret 

To make stuff easy: 

Ondrej helped me to found a flat, a loan, insurance etc. I would like to thank Ondrej for his help, support and advices! From the first appointment till receiving the keys, he is not putting any pressure on you. And even after he is still supportive. I strongly recommend his services.

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