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Check to be Czech is a company that is aware of all the administrative steps foreigners need to go through when it comes to arranging any kind of documents or financial products etc. In these moments barriers like language, unfamiliarity with the market, and the overall Czech system can make it very difficult.

This is why one of our main goals is to simplify the steps for you, so that your life in the Czech Republic can be much easier. With our professional services, we help you overcome these barriers.

The structure of our services depends on the product, but these are the most common steps for our services.

How It Works

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The first contact






Prepping the



Green light



the case



Finish line



Keep in touch

Let’s get in touch via e-mail, phone or our Facebook page.

Let’s discuss your situation – you will get useful information and an introduction to your options in regards to individual services.

Working on the best way of getting your case through.

Simply give us a go-ahead and we will start working on your case.

Administration, communication, appointments and detailed supervision of all steps.

The case is successfully processed. Celebration time!

We are happy to provide consultation for any other of our services to you.

How It All Began

We have always been fascinated by traveling, exploring different cultures, their habits and traditions, and meeting people from around the world. We are fans of globalization, “new beginnings” and free movement of people – factors which are playing an increasingly more significant role in today’s world due to disappearing borders.

While working on previous projects and job positions we have been consecutively uncovering the complexities and obstacles expats in the Czech Republic have to face. Therefore, we have put our heads together and came up with an idea to start a company that would stand on the side of you – expats.

Our goal is to provide complex and high-quality services, making your life comfortable and smooth in the Czech Republic. C2BCZ team consists of specialists from different areas so that we can deal with complex matters in-house and provide you with comprehensive set of services under one roof.

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