Employee card

1. Who needs an employee card in the Czech Republic?

The employee card is a document allowing expats from Non-EU countries to work in the Czech Republic. The card is equivalent to a long-term visa for the purpose of working over 90 days and is tied to a specific job position. The card is issued for 1 to 2 years in most cases and can be extended many times.

2. There are two types of employee card

Yes indeed! We have two types in the Czech Republic:

  1. Dual EC – entitles you not only to reside but also work in the Czech Republic
  2. Non-dual EC – the card covering only the residency. Card is for:
    1. People how graduated high school or university in the Czech Republic
    2. A pedagogical or academical employee of a university
    3. Sent by an employer having the residence in another EU country

Did you know that: Your first job in the Czech Republic must last for at least six months. Does your employer violate the contract? You might have a chance to change the position earlier.

3. Obtaining the first employee card with Check to be Czech

No administration on your side

  • Provision of all mandatory documents including translation and necessary level of verification
  • Providing travel and health insurance
  • Proof of accomodation…. and much more….
  • Every single document in the right shape

Helping out with searching for the job position

  • Through particular companies or HR agencies

Communication with the Labor office, embassy, ministry of interior and employer

  • Opening a position including the whole administration process
  • Setting up a meeting at the embassy for an exact time
  • Working on the job contract with an employer

Assisting after entering the country

  • Visit at the Foreign police
  • Assisting when picking up the employee card at the ministry of interior
  • Opening a bank account
  • Getting the phone number….

4. Extending a current employee card/helping out with the change of employer

We supervise all the administration and the whole process step by step for those who are already working in the Czech Republic and need to extend the current employee card or change for an employer. So you have the process smoothly and adequately covered with no stress and troubles on your side. Leave us a message on what we can help you with.

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