Financial services

“Throughout our lives, we are striving to match our needs and wishes, on one hand, and financial opportunities on the other. This idea is the same across all countries, regardless of the type of financial market.”

Our position on the market

Our company also acts as an independent financial services broker, which has a contract with more than 90% of all institutions and therefore can provide clients with any product from their portfolio.

Thanks to continuous analysis of the market we can provide the best long-term products. Working as a conductor who knows and perceives the sounds of all financial market instruments, analyzes them in detail and therefore is able to provide clients with a unified and tailored portfolio of financial products in the long run.

Structure of financial services

1. Life insurance

                Health is the most expensive commodity that every one of us has. Unfortunately, it’s not always as strong as we wish to be. Life insurance does not return health but reduces its financial consequences.

           In comparison with health insurance it doesn’t neglect the coverage of the financial consequences of various life situations associated with health complications. When analyzing the market and preparing specific proposals, our specialists begin building a plan that best meets the needs of the individual. 

2. Non life insurance

Enjoy an easy and secure life

  • After analyzing a clients needs, we compare and present the best deals on the market
  • Active contract management in a long-term period
  • We can provide insurance for cars, properties and other responsibilities – We’ll take care of all of this!

3. Money evaluation

               The well-known phrase “money makes money” is known by everyone, but not everyone abides by it. By using financial resources judiciously, this phrase can be confirmed 100%. We help foreign clients not only in creating efficient financial reserves but also in finding the right financial product to raise up their value wisely.

 4. Refinancing, consolidation and consumer loans

               Do you already have a mortgage in the Czech Republic and are approaching the end of the fixation period? The right time to analyze the current mortgage lending conditions should not be taken lightly so that you have the most favorable market conditions even in times of rising interest rates. Refinancing and consolidating existing loans to reduce costs to a minimum is one of our top priorities as well.

The accuracy of ones portfolio is critical for its practical application and total functionality not just today but especially in a long term period. Setting up the portfolio is always an individual matter which is a subject of a detailed analysis based on variables such as: personal needs, actual life and financial situation, amount of savings and risk resistance, health situation, future plans, salary, costs etc.

From this information we are able to prepare custom made propositions and evaluate the portfolio within various fields such as income, protection of your properties, effective accumulation, diversification and evolution of your financial means.

All with the purpose of getting you closer to your personal needs, dreams and wishes, to have a calm life with financial stability.

  • Complete assurance of yourself and your family
    • Covering financial consequences from health complications during an extended period of time
  • Securing financial stability both short and longterm
  • Effective accumulation of financial resources
    • Formation of short and longterm financial reserves
    • Real evaluating of your money and assets
    • Using modern instruments for accumulating savings
  • General reduction of the risk in situations like:
    • Loss of properties, health and financial complications
    • Important life changing steps – children, relocation
  • Individual policy depending on your life and financial situation, needs, age, future plans etc.
  • The best conditions on the market and long term/continuous service
  • Options from more than 50 products on “one table“
  • Detailed information about the market as a whole
  • We are parters you can trust, taking care of your whole portfolio under “one roof“
  • Saving time and nerves – no needs to visit offices, banks etc.

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