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Georgii was one of the most inspiring client we have ever provided the mortgage to. Running very successful business around the Europe including the Czech Republic but still very friendly and modest person. WIth having a very particular vision of the ideal property for him and his lovely family in more lucrative areas of Prague. At that time, there was just a few propeerties available with not so much to offer from the investment perspective. Anyway, we have managed to win a „fight“ for a brand new flat in Karlín with the view on Vltava river. 

Specifics of the case:

  • Only 3 months job history in the Czech Republic
  • Owrking for a small local company 
  • Only three weeks available for processing the mortgage loan
  • Proessing with the seller living on the other side of the world => long distance negotiations

What was negotiated:

  • Able to find the only company in the Czech Republic accepting such a short job history in the Czech Republic
  • Exceptional conditions defeating the rest of the market for about 0,25%
  • 2,5 weeks for processing the entire mortgage loan process and just three days for the approval itself
  • taking care of the negotiations over the purchase contract

Few words from the happy new homeowner:

Being an owner of a company in combination with income from abroad makes taking mortgage complicated. Having 2 kids and wife on maternity leave doesn‘t help at all.Both being Bulgarians leads to – sorry we cannot help in any of the banks… I contacted 3 English speaking companies for mortgage assistance. Two of them told me why I have no chance, Ondrej told me what we need to do in order to succeed. It was not an easy task and a lot of effort from both of us but riverview 4+kk in Karlin is a fact 🙂 I’m very happy of choosing his services!


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