Igino and Anna

  • Italian & Russian couple
  • developer project in Prague
  • 90% mortgage loan


Igino and Anna are a lovely couple who has spent many years in different countries all around the world, till they found the new home and decided to settle in Prague. They have been very systematic in the property search and keen on buying a brand new flat in one of the projects. One of the conditions was moving by the end of the year. That was a tough one. Anyway, we have managed to find a last flat in the project Harfa design residence built by Central group.

Specifics of the case

  • 90% mortgage loan for expats with temporary residency and with no czech personal identification number
  • fighting with the mortgage loan consultant from the developer Central group having “officially unbeatable conditions”
  • Russia classified as a risky country in the banking system – in general, result is max 80% mortgage loan with a necessity of 20% downpayment
  • Negotiations with banks regarding specific conditions for drawing a mortgage loan according to the unchangeable requirements of the Central group

What was negotiated

  • mortgage loan processed up to the final approval within 6 working days since delivering the last document to the bank
  • providing a 90% mortgage loan based on the exception from the risk department in the bank (Official information = max of 80%)
  • interest rate pushed to the real minimum => 0,2% lower comparing to the “unbeatable rate” Central group had in contract with different banks on the market
  • result of the appraisal 200,000CZK above the purchase price = evaluation of the property right away

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