James, responsible father, man holding his word and the person we enjoyed the cooperation with so much. When we first met, James said shortly: Look guys, I have three essential pieces of information for you: firstly, Im tired of paying the rent, secondly I want to live exactly in this particular area and lastly, here is my budget. Adding other crucial information from his side, we started with an active property search and setting up the appointments. At the end, it took just two months and nine property visits to find the property which met James’ expectations. The result is a house situated in Škvorec, 20 minutes from Prague with a pool and enough space to enjoy time with the kids.

Specifics of the case:

  • Got in touch in the period of significant rate raise on the mortgage loan market
  • Very small area to look for the property
  • Fighting with a CZK 1,000,000 reservation fee 
  • Tough competition for the house with a lot of potential buyers -> close communication with the real estate agent
  • Very short reservation period -> required speeding up the mortgage loan process

What was negotiated:

  • Starting the loan processing before the final choice of the property to fix the conditions in bank for 50 days
  • Interest rate 0,3% below the market average at the time
  • Cooperation with the estimator to defend the property value „in front of“ the bank
  • Numerous changes in the Reservation and Purchase contract to defend our client’s interests
  • Property handover 3 weeks before the original date

Few words from the happy new homeowner:

I thought the cooperation was fantastic:

  • Check to be Czech really understood what I was looking for in a property and my mortgage loan requirements
  • They walked me through the whole process as I was new to this in the Czech Republic, and I felt very much at ease with them at the helm. They had everything under control, and we met a very tight deadline while moving the funds and getting the approvals. Come rain or shine they were there and highly supportive in every single step of the mortgage loan process.
  • Getting me the best rate on my mortgage loan while the market was rising rapidly, using their established contacts to make things happen. 
  • Also going above and beyond to find contacts for building inspections and the one they gave me was amazing (investigating some hidden damages and giving estimation of the upcoming steps).

I highly recommend C2BCZ as a true partner and extremely client-focused company. 

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