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What is the main goal of life insurance?

Financial coverage of unexpected life situations connected to health issues. Then the costs of treatment, the purchase of medical devices, loss of income, and much more, appear. Nobody wants to think of it or predict, but we should definitely be prepared for such situations because when having them, it is too late.

What are the main benefits?

a) Ensuring your income – keeping the income on the same level in the situation of unexpected fall down due to health issues
b) Protection of you and your family – following the standard of living at a stable level and protecting the family from the unfavorable financial situation
c) Covering health-related costs – treatment, medical aids, aftercare, etc.
d) Protection of your savings – yes, they are accumulated for an entirely different purpose (emergency savings, housing, car, family, holidays, etc ..)
e) Being ready for these unpleasant situations

Do you personally see the insurance as useful financial product?

Are you financially independent/having your own income?
Do you have a family that is dependent on your salary?
Would a fall in your income influence your financial stability a payability?
Would you be financially threatened by the high costs connected to treating a serious health issue?

If you get at least one YES, than the life insurance is financial product you should definitely have.

Types of life insurance

Risk life insurance


  • The most common type of life insurance covering risks associated with diseases, injuries and death
  • Protects you and your family
  • Selection of 20 insurance risks
  • No savings component and hidden fees

Life insurance with investments

  • Including the savings component => investment in mutual funds
  • low liquidity => limited withdrawals of savings
  • Regular and one-off fees
  • Little product transparency: Unclear risk- to-savings ratio

Did you know?

Employee vs. freelancer

  • Employees: 60% of net salary paid by the employer => risk of 40% drop since the 19th day of the incapability
  • Whether you belong to one or the other group, insurance will help you keep your income at the same level, regardless of health.
  • Self-employed: relying only on their savings!

What is the ideal structure of the life insurance?

Every single person is unique, with different life and financial situation, different way of living, hobbies, health threats, job position, obligations etc. This is the reason for not having any general form used for every  client but the structure is custom made, as well as the insured amounts. We firstly need to know the background to prepare the ideal structure of the life insurance.

What else can we help you with?

  • Tax deductibility => reducing the tax base
  • Is there any issue? We help with administration and sending it to the insurance company.
  • Long-term service
  • We compare the product with the current situation on the market => Is there anything better? You always have the best!
Is there any change in your life situation? We respond by updating the structure of the insurance.

Step by step with C2BCZ

Informational meeting

discussion over your life situation, activities, type of work, health conditions, family, etc.

Designing the custom made structure of the insurance

Discussing the structure with the client + final modifications

Comparing the structure through the whole market – you get the best!

Preparing and signing the documents

Long-term service

  • Helping out with the administration of the health issues => no visits to the insurance group
  • Assisting with the tax deductibility
  • Updating the product as life situations are changing

Life insurance with C2BCZ


  • Death
  • Invalidity
  • Permanent consequences of an injury
  • Serious diseases

TOP 5 worries we will help you with

  • Incapability
  • Hospitalization
  • Short-term injury (no permanent consequences)
  • Car crash accident

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