• Poland
  • limited budget for the purchase
  • buying 1kk in Prague


Marcin, person working in a travel business was desperately searching for a new home where he can “land” and wanted to get rid of the regular rent payments. In his case, it was all about finding a flat close by the nature areas so he can run away from the busy and noisy Prague streets.

Specifics of the case:

  • very limited budget
  • working in the “high risk” area from the bank perspective (travel agency) => 95% banks stopped providing mortgage loan to people working in tourism
  • legal issue connected with the property that needed to be solved

What was negotiated

  • equipment of the flat was added to the purchase with no price increasing
  • Marcin allowed to move in before delivering a new ownership list to the cadaster and the registration itself => not a standard procedure
  • Successful processing of the mortgage loan in one single bank willing to provide the financies regarding the high risk area: tourism, in times of COVID-19

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