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Experience the real complexity of the mortgage loan services for expats with Check to be Czech. We believe that the combination of professionalism, 7 years of experience on the market, human approach, and wide pallet of services is the right combination to serve you with the above standard mortgage loan services and a pleasant environment for our cooperation at the same time. Even such a life-changing situation in a “foreign” country can be one to enjoy.

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Catch some advice at the start line

Know your options before starting with the property search

You should firstly know where you stand before investing your time into property search. Information about the max mortgage loan are crucial for you.

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Do not speculate on meeting all the necessary conditions. Get the facts right away!
As an expat, you must meet some another conditions comparing to Czechs, such as length of stay, official stay permit, acceptable nationality and employer etc. Have all the information verified with in 48h.
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Do not underestimate having a sufficient financial reserve aside
Are you creating an investment plan for buying your dream property? Please, do not forget about the financial reserve you should have aside for upcoming months and unpredictable costs.
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Be systematic in the property search Get the facts right away!
Create the criteria you will choosing a property according to and put them into a group of different importance. It will help you in organizing the properties into a “ priority ranking” and make it much easier and more effective.
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The longer you speculate on buying a property the more you spend on the rent
Easy thought but still overlooked by most of people speculating on the conditions change in upcoming months. Please, be aware of this blind costs that is getting more expensive with every upcoming month.

Your nationality, length of stay in the Czech Republic does not have to be such a big issue
People are usually speculating if they are long enough in the Czech Republic to get a mortgage loan if their nationality is acceptable etc. Throughout all these years, we have processed clients with even 6months stay, coming from all around the world and with the same interest rate as the Czech citizens. Do not speculate. There is always away!
Read some of useful articles in our blog.

Be aware of the business practises of the developer companies
People are usually speculating if they are long enough in the Czech Republic to get a mortgage loan if their nationality is acceptable etc. Throughout all these years, we have processed clients with even 6months stay, coming from all around the world and with the same interest rate as the Czech citizens. Do not speculate. There is always away!

Mortgage loan is more of an investment than a commitment
Yes, many people see the mortgage loan as a commitment for 30 years, the obligation you will get rid o fat the beginning of the retirement. We recommend having a look at the property purchase from a different perspective: a way of taking you from the rent = blind costs, reaching a sweet new home for your family, stand on your feet with nobody behind your back, investment with an excellent evaluation of its value and much more.

Verify the final price of the property with the seller/real estate agent
Some of the flat advertisements are including price without the real estate agent provision. The average provision is pretty significant, around 3-4%. Please, verify if the price is the final one, or any of the costs will be added.

The mortgage loan and lien on the potential property is not an issue

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Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions am I supposed to meet when applying for the mortgage loan?
We need to consider especially a length of your stay, type of your stay permit, nationality, source of income, type of your work contract etc. The requirements varies between EU and NON-EU citizen.

Do I need any specific stay permit in the Czech Republic?
For EU citizens 80% of banks are requiring aa temporary residency which means we are able to process a mortgage with no residency in the Czech Republic. For NON-EU citizens You are required to have at least a long-term visa for the particular purpose (work or business). Permanent residency is not required by 85% of the banks.

How long do I have to be in the Czech Republic already to apply?

For EU citizens

At least 4 months of your stay in the Czech Republic and unlimited working cotract

For NON- EU citizens

1-2years (in specific cases 6months is acceptable)

What mortgage loan can I afford with my income?
Particular loan amount you can afford is calculated individually based on the income. Very simple „loan“ math says: around 1 mil CZK for every 10.000CZK of your nett income. 

Can I refinance my mortgage during the fixation period?

You are generally provided with the information that refinancing is possible at the end of the fiation period. The truth is, you can refinance it whenever you want. There are fees calculated by the bank for the earlier repayment. What we do is, that we take the fee and compare it with the total savings you get from the lower interest rate and discuss if it motivates you enough to refinance your mortgage loan.

I'm an entrepreneur. May I apply for the mortgage loan?

Yes, you just need to provide the bank with at least one full tax return and prove 12 months of your „entrepreneur“ history in the Czech Republic. The nett income is calculated from your tax base or the overall income in the particular year (line 101 or 113). That depends on the bank we will choose together.

Is limited work contract accepted by banks?

Limited contract must be at least a year before expiration with 6 months already having passed. It's not necessary to prove the extension of the contract.

 Do expats generally have worse conditions than Czechs?

Not at all! There is no difference in the interest rate or the system of calculating the maximum mortgage loan. The only difference is in the conditions you need to meet outlined in the first question. 

Can I get a 100% mortgage loan nowadays?

No, the minimum downpayment is 10% so the bank is providing a mortgage loan up to 90%.

OR you can get 100% mortgage loan in case you own another property and put it up as a collateral.

Can I submit extra payments during the payback period?

During the fixation period, you can pay up to 25% annually from the mortgage loan without any fees. However, be aware that it must be in a particular period of the year depending on the date of your mortgage signature.

At the end of the fixation period you can pay the entire mortgage loan from your own sources or refinance the mortgage to another bank. Free of charge.

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