Non-Life Insurance

Entire market with non-life insurance in your hands. No time wasting when searching for the information and visiting insurance groups. Our comparative tool will choose the best offer on the market and representative provide useful recommendations.

Protecting our property from unpredictable events should be one of the essential goals for each of us. Non-life insurance is thus a key part of our financial portfolios. At Check to be Czech, we focus especially on car and property insurances.

Price vs. Quality of the Insurance

What type and structure of the product is the right one for you? What criteria should you base your decision on? Is the lower price of insurance automatically a sign of lower quality and the higher price of a guarantee of the ideal insurance? Many of you have these questions and we have the answers for you!

Entire Market in Your Hands

Get the best deal on the market. Our comparison tool sums up products of 8 insurance companies operating on the Czech market. All of them include 30-50% discounts guaranteed by our company.

What Kind of Insurance Are You Looking For?

Property Insurance

Car Insurance

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