Health insurance

When arriving in the Czech Republic, one of the first things that should be arranged is obtaining proper health insurance coverage.  

Health insurance is important because it covers:

  • Access to medical care in the Czech Republic
  • Diagnostic, emergency, preventive, and dental care
  • Some medications and medical equipment
  • Repatriation and complex assistance
  • Care during the pregnancy and afterwards as well

What are the steps

“A foreigner who has access to public health insurance has the same options as a Czech citizens. Yet those who do not have access must  choose the second option which is commercial health insurance”

The insurance fully complies with the legislation to foreigners in the Czech Republic and is accepted by the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy. Compact for EU citizens and non EU citizens as well.

In CTBC we simply introduce the market and explain the possibilities you are going to have in the Czech republic.

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