Jarich and Sara

Young couple from Belgium & Portugal buying a house in Pardubice
  • Belgian & Portuguese couple
  • Been in the Czech Republic for 6 months
  • Buying a house in Pardubice


We have enjoyed the case  with these guys so much. Lovely story: meeting in Portugal during a conference => Jarle joined Sara studying in the Czech Republic at that time => found got a job in international company => shortly started thinking of changing the rent into their new „Home sweet home“.

Specifics of the case:

  • Jarle staying just 6months in the Czech Republic when having an idea of buying a new house
  • Newly received temporary residency card
  • Only 10% downpayment = 90% mortgage loan
  • No czech identification number („rodné číslo“)
  • Requirement of the sellers to stay in the house by the end of the year
  • Price negotiating
  • Real estate agency known for a bad practics and offensive contracts

What was negotiated:

  • Postponing the mortgage loan payments so we can guarantee no double payment for rent and mortgage loan at the same time
  • Money withdrawal from the escrow to the seller’s account as late as possible => when consider their living in a flat fat the moment our clients are owners already
  • Finding a bank accepting just 6months stay of Jarle and no czech identification number
  • The best conditions on the market and no fees connected to processing the mortgage loan

Few words from the happy new homeowners:

We have contacted Check to be Czech for the purchase of our house in Pardubice and they took the task with all pleasure, max responsibility from the real beginning and handled all the administration, communication and legal tasks excellently. As we don’t speak Czech, help was extremely welcome, their open communication style and having every single step under the control allowed us to worry as little as possible.

– Jarich & Sara

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