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  • 2kk with 60m2 terrace


Tomas was a man with a very clear and straightforward idea but the flat and was willing to take his time, invest time into many appointments and never lost faith in finding a dream property. Actually, he was right! Flat with a 60m2 terrace just 10mins from Prague? This is a dream coming true for him!

Specifics of the case

  • Very pushy seller with a necessity of hard negotiation from our side to keep all the dates realistic for Tomas 
  • Seller’s idea of processing the mortgage loan with no escrow account => high risk for Tomas that was unacceptable for us
  • Signing of all the documents on a long distance in a tough covid times

What was negotiated

  • 100,000CZK discount from the property price
  • Adding an escrow account to the process for the Tomas’s protection
  • Conditions valid for 8years fixation period, originally valid just for 5years fixation period

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