Visas and resident permits

When visiting or planning to move to the Czech Republic you should be aware and know about the options available to you depending on your type of stay. Knowing this can open doors for you in the country and also make life easier overall. 

What service do we provide?

At CTBC we provide services to both citizens and non EU citizens securing a visa or a permit. Both of these groups have specifics that must be taken into consideration during the process due to various influencing factors.We work as an advisor giving you very valuable information and also as the contact person handling communication with all the subjects, collecting all the documentation required and leading you throughout the whole process from start to finish.

1. Permanent stay and temporary stay

  • Intended primarily for EU citizens or their family members  
  • Main advantages:
    • Makes communication with Czech institutions much easier during everyday situations
    • Allows you to start the mortgages process (temporary)
    • Allows you to obtain a Czech identification number
    • Gives you the same level of rights as the Czech citizen (permanent)
    • Entitlement to social and pension benefits
  • Who can apply?
    • This depends on the type of stay, your connection to the country, length of continuous residence etc.

2. Short-term stay/visa

  • Purpose of the travel, studying, visiting family members, a business trip etc.
  • Being processed before coming into the country
  • Structure of the documents depending on the purpose

3. Long-term visa and employee cards

  • Longer time of proceeding (90-360 days)
  • Issued for the purpose of:
    • Job, employee card, long-term residence for the purpose of work
    • Study, business or family merger
  • Possibility of extension

What are the steps?

  1. “Informing” Get detailed and accurate information
  2. “Analyzing” Finding out your individual options
  3. “Communicating” Acting as a communication node between all parties – client, interior ministry, employer, law firm, translator, etc.
  4. “Administrator” Completing all the necessary documentation for your permission / assignment application for you
  5. “Arranging meetings” We arrange and assist in personal meetings to make sure everything is going smoothly
  6. “Checking the dates” We track all the deadlines
  7.  “Leading you” to the end of the process

No refusing of a request for no reasons:

  1. Revoked authorization 
  2. Incomplete documentation
  3. Expiration of residence confirmation
  4. Inappropriate behavior by officials
  5. Translation of documents etc.
  6. Language barriers
  • How long is my stay valid for?
  • How long does it take to finish the process?
  • Can this time limit be shortened?
  • Where can I apply?
  • What if I am a family member of a Czech citizen?
  • What is changing with me for this stay?
  • And many others..

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